Monday, April 25, 2011

Silky makes his way to Scotland.........

From Old Desheng.......
                                                                 to curious little fingers.......
and eager little hands........

                                                  to my computer desk in Scotland!!!!!!!
I watched in amazement as this wee surprise package slowly emerged from the cocoon I found in my bag
                                                  until little eyes began to stare at me
                                            and then the moth began to separate from its shell....

At this point, I freaked..and thanks to a Facebook vigil/ advice with friends all around the world, I decided to phone the SSPCA- Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( Thanks, Kit for the advice)......I was busy thinking I was nuts...but somehow I just couldn't let it fly away to die, or be eaten by the very interested cat! By this time the girls were very keenly following events and had named our new Desheng friend, Silky. They were not impressed when 30 minutes later this lovely girl from SSPCA arrived at the door to take Silky to his new home.
                          Goodbyes were said and photos taken before this pair would go to their beds!
Sad that they would not see Silky again :-(

However, behind the scenes little things were happening, and the next day I had a call from SSPCA to let me know that they had sent the story to the local newspapers.
Next we had reporters phoning to ask for details about Silky's journey. His story appeared on local news and in several newspapers around the country...

So far from being over, the story had taken another turn, and we learned that Silky was still alive and well in Edinburgh's Butterfly World!

                                            So of course we had to visit there on the Saturday
where we were ushered into meet our little friend,
 who had proved that HE was a SHE, by laying some eggs!!!!!

Unfortunately as the eggs were not fertilised they would not survive ,and as Silkworms are only born to reproduce then die, we knew Silky would not be around for much longer

So we said our goodbyes again :-) then had a look at the other marvels which had emerged from their cocoons at Butterfly world.
This blue one was so similar to the huge beauties which flitted around in Da Mo on our trip.

On the way out, we found a fantastic toy set with cocoon, caterpillar, moth & mulberry leaf to remind us of Silky's adventures.

But the story is not over yet!

No, we did not phone again to check or visit..we let nature take its course and were just thankful that Silky had made it all the way from Desheng to Scotland ( Eilidh said- "just like me:-)"
and had experienced a little bit of life!

However freinds have been in touch, and Silky's adventures will be made into a children's book linking Desheng to Scotland along with Eilidh and the lovely old, wise  women we met in that ancient street.....sold to raise funds to help children in Desheng.

Watch this Space!!!!!!!!!
Silky Lives On !!!!!!!

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