Friday, April 29, 2011

Seeing is believing........

Can you see this?

Having had perfect eyesight for many years, I now am frustrated by weakening eyes...and find there is much I can just not do without my reading glasses now!
 It makes me mad!!!! ( and explains, much to my friends' annoyance why I seldom use my mobile phone these days) 
But if I forget my glasses, that is just my sillines and is easily fixed!

All I have to do is find my extra pair of glasses and life is fine again.........

Or increase the font size....:-)

Matthew has almost finished our Guangxi school visits for this year and while our girls are happy to have some help with their food support, extra school expenses and High School fees, many are STILL struggling because they simply cannot see!
They have poor eyesight, steadily getting worse and no means to purchase glasses which would make the difference between seeing or not?

How awful not to have the ability to see.......

How awful to manage to remain at school despite all the odds, working to have Hope for the future
...and be unable to see?

Some problems are too difficult to deal with!

This one is so simple!!!!!!!


                                                               is the simple difference
                                                          between seeing and not seeing!

              We currently have 11 girls who have asked for help for glasses, with more to follow.........

If  you can help one of our girls to see, you can donate any amount, small or large,
 on our Paypal Button at the top of the Blog.

                                                               Thank You so much........

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