Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm hearts, warm hands!

I think most of us have experienced a REAL Winter this year, with our average temperature in Scotland being below zero for all of December!
I should have known that when I flew to Finland in November, experiencing their first and early snow, plus temps of -15 that we were in for a crazy winter?  Actually it just got me ready for what was to come :-)

But while in Finland we walked easily in -15 and came home to cozy warmth & wood stoves ( you Finns have perfected the art :-) home in Scotland we wrapped up warm outside and were delighted to come home, shut the door and hibernate for most of the winter in our cosy homes.....
for poor families in Guangxi, and of course homes all around the world, it was not so pleasant.
In Guangxi there is little central heating anywhere- I suppose it is needed for such a comparatively short period of time- and most of our friends in Guangxi just wrap up warm.
They have been complaining of the cold this year too ;-(

However when we heard that our poor Little Lily, who is so thin and weak anyway, could not bear to be washed as she was sooo cold, and finally succumbed to pneumonia, we had to do something quick!. Her fantastic foster mother who also cares for our Precious Patricia was really struggling to keep her children warm and clean. She does such an amazing job, that I can scarcely believe her patience and dedication......

We had to do something!

As I was on my way out to work, a wee quick Facebook message on Hope4China'sChildren Page was the most I could do

 Amazingly, when I got to work, colleagues in Behaviour Support had read the message
and had a wee whipround to make sure Lily had some heat!
Thank you Lovely Ladies!!!

When I got home Liz's dad had sent a cheque to help!!! ( Thanks Mr Semple!!!!)

 Here's the results, with our special Yongning babies, my special Jinchengjiang babies,
special babies in Cenxi, Hepu-
all children in the homes of the poorest of foster mothers-
all wrapped up warm and cosy
but with some heat in their homes to make bath and bedtime more bearable

We are so thankful for the warm hearts of our friends and sponsors. to be able to make some warm hands and little bodies miles away in Guangxi.
Thanks Xiao Xiao and the Grace-hope staff who identified the needs, got the heaters to the families and shared these fantastic photos with us.
Once again Great Teamwork!

Every penny counts, and EVERY donation, large or small REALLY does make a difference!

Thank you xxx


Time-To-Share said...

Hi Linda, having added this page to facebook I realised you had a blog too. I have a blog for sharing my crafting creations. Just been reading today's post and was so surprised to see my dad's name. He loves to help by giving to others. Now I've found you I will be following with interest. You do a fabulous work. God bless. Trish x

Julee said...

I love the blog and the pics!! That is my daughter to be with her foster mom in Cenxi,Gaungxi! we have PA for her and racing to get dossier there. So excited to see new pics of her this morning. A friend saw your blog Thank you for the heaters!!

Anonymous said...

You don't know how excited I am to hear that:-) It multiplies my joy!!!!!!!! I hope it is not too long til your "warm" baby is home........
Linda x