Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More connections.......in our small world.....

It's a small world, after all........          

So many precious children, whose beginnings are worlds away, are still connected with the land of their birth and the special people who loved and cared for them when they were little, at the beginning of their lives.
It is not always this way..and there are so many different stories of children's early beginnings.....
but some families around the world have shared such special joy over the last few weeks
sharing photos of "their"children across the miles!

I just LOVE this photo of the foster mama delighted to have update photos and news from the family of the little one she cared for as a baby.
How proud she is!!!!!!

Delight and excitement sharing the news with their own granchild......
I LOVE the photos of children's lives around the world, against the backdrop of  rural Desheng life,

in such a simple way bringing the two worlds together
These foster mamas were just sooo excited to get this wonderful surprise!!!!!!
Orphanage directors who probably thought they would not hear again from these little people,
enjoying news and updates from their families

And of course the families who have received these photos have been just delighted to share these special connections.....treasured by the children for years.........its so lovely to share their excitement too :-)
 "It's one of my favorite moments of each year to get our picture back" A Happy Mama!!!!!

Its a little thing...but it means a lot to so many.
Wonderful Connections!!!!!!

The Red Thread..............

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for shareing. I don't ever want to forget to thank those who cared enough to take care of our children in their early year/s. Jeanne