Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Desheng girls

Arriving back in Desheng town, we waited for all the girls to arrive from the schools all around the area.
 It was that time again........the Desheng GGEF girls look forward to it every year as their Birthday Party!!!!

Great excitement as the girls began to arrive. Last year we nearly had riots as they all tried to grab the squeally balloons I had taken along. I had only taken one large packet. This time I made sure we had lots!!!!!!! So there was great fun as we waited blowing up the ballons and giggling as they screeched up in the sky and flew back down on the girls.

Great Icebreakers!!!!!!

It took a wee while for everyone to settle around the tables and wait for the food.

Once it came, the fun began and everyone relaxed and had fun!

After a lovely dinner, the party continued........
Eilidh's Sunday school had purchased a parachute for the Desheng girls to keep - it is amazing how much fun can be had with a big sheet?

Some precious paper lanterns made by Eilidh's friends at Rainbows and transported all the way to China to share with friends.
Some lovely singing from the girls............
arts and crafts,making jewellery..... drawing, sticking things........
face painting........
And then time for the Big Birthday Cake!

Many of the girls have never had a Birthday party, Cake or Present.
Some don't even know when their birthday is, and so we take the opportunity when we are there to celebrate everyone's birth all together, reminding them of how precious they are!!!!!!!!
After all the sweet stuff, some new toothbrushes brought from USA - Great Excitement !!!!!!

Then the Silly Stuff started - with face-paints - and cream from the cake!!!!!!!!

Sponsors from all around the world had sent gifts - T-shirts this year:-), along with letters and photos. There is great excitement as these are given out. Really the girls seem to love the photos even more than the gifts - it is just fantastic to be a wee cog in the wheels that bring together such wonderful sponsors & fantastic girls across the world.

Here are some of the letters the girls have written............

Dear sponsor,

How are you! Do you remember me? I am one students of GGEF which you sponsor. My name is Qin Huixiao, I am very sorry that I don’t write a letter to you for a long time. And how are you? I miss you very much, sometimes you are in my dream. I will never forget your help and you kind forever. Your sponsor makes me feel more power and warm. And let me know there is love in this world.

Every time I receive your gifts, I am very happy and love them very much. So I pack them away very well because it is very precious for me. Thanks very much and l love you!

Best wishes for you and your family, wish you have a happy life!
Yours, Qin Huixiao

Dear sponsor,
How are you! I am happy everyday but I am also sad because I have no progresses in my study.

I can remember Oct.10 of 2009 forever, because Linda and Cindy come to meet us. We had a good time and were very happy. We played together, ate together and phoned together. We like friends.

It made me moved that you can come from far away to visit us. Thanks very much!

Best wishes for you!


Lan Lihong

                                 So, A HUGE Thank You
to all the sponsors around the world
who make this possible each year,
and a wee reminder to you all to send letters and gifts for Matthew's next visit after Chinese New Year.
There will be some very excited girls in Desheng, and around Guangxi waiting to receive them.........

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