Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Special Child, Jack from Jinchengjiang, needs help.....

Baby Jack, being held here by one of the longstanding Jinchengjiang Nannies was found in 2007 with the most severely malformed legs and club feet our staff had ever seen. He has been lovingly cared for since then at Jinchengjiang SWI, Hechi City.
He has had some surgery but still has constant pain and needs physiotherapy to ease the pain in his spine and his feet.

On recent visits, the Grace-Hope staff have noted how much pain he is in and how he urgently needs help which the SWI has no money to provide.
Our staff have spoken to a German physiotherapist who can help with therapy to ease his pain.
It is going to cost around £40 a month to provide this treatment - or $66 a month which will give him a new lease of life.

Could you help him?

If 12 families could donate £40/$66 that would cover him  each month for one year of treatment.....

Or if 52 families could donate around £10/$16.......

 Or whatever anyone felt possible?

Together we could make life bearable for this litle soul, while he waits for a family of his own.

You can contact me at, or simply use the Paypal button here to donate.

Hoping that together we can help this little Starfish?

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