Monday, April 28, 2014

Visit to Nanning SWI October 2013

Every year we visit Nanning SWI, we seem to be rushing at the last minute to make name tags for the kids so that sponsors can see their children having fun!
Of course, these are not real names - the children have Chinese names! but we use these names for the Grace and Hope for Children Foster Care Programme to maintain privacy.
So on the bus en route to Naning SWI, Xiao Xiao and I are quickly adding English & Chinese names to the labels :-)

 And then the labels are soon on the lovely children who are waiting to meet us their along with SWI staff and their foster families

Great excitement as we pull out the updates from families who have adopted children from Nanning SWI - with staff and families eager to see how "their" children are doing in their new homes around the world
 Xiao Xiao wonderfully checks each update, shares the news with those there who know them

 And for families who were not in our group that day, staff take the updates and gifts to pass on to the relevant families.

Then we shared the gifts we had bought with some donations from families connected with Nanning SWI - beautiful scarves for the foster mums, and new back packs for the children

     Group photo with Doris, Ida, Jacqueline, Ruth, Shirley, Heidi and Hannah 
( Melissa is hiding in this one)
                              Steve, Rita and Darlene came along later....
all sponsored by Hope4China'sChildren

Lots of happiness and nonsense
Rita just loved the bag and scarf!
                           and could not wait to give us a wee twirl :-)

                                  And our Darlene was not to be outdone!!!!!

                        Just LOVED these wee cuties, examining their gifts :-)
                                           And then, it was time for off......
Always wonderful to see the difference that Foster care makes in the lives of these children.

If you could help make this difference for a child, you can check here

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