Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Warm, Dry Bots for this Year!

The Mothers and Foster Mothers who take care of  our children with varying needs, 
face a constant struggle to do the most basic things every day in life.
Just keeping their children safe, dry, fed and clothed is a full time job.
On top of this they use therapy and play to help their children develop,
and struggle with stairs and public transport every time they have to go out. 
With no washing machines and tumble driers, one of the ways we can really help to make a difference is to provide good quality nappies to keep the older children who need them, warm and dry throughout the day and night.
                        Foster Mothers' eyes light up when they see their deliveries of.............

                                                        Pampers Nappies!!!!!

                                              Delivered in Style :-)

                                    Such a small thing to make such a big difference?

                                                                  Can you help them?

We need £100/$158/117euros a month to provide nappies, any medicines and sundries 
for all the children in our New Hope Programme.

We already have £100 for January thanks to Polbeth SWRI. (THANK YOU!)

Can anyone help us towards the £100 for February?
We now have £100 for February! Thank you ALL!
We are £60 towards March now...........
March is covered - Thank you!
Let's do April?
We have covered April, May, June!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
So now £40 into July....and counting..........July covered now! Thank you to Buckhaven's Fortune Cookie Crew!
£35 left to raise for August? August covered - Thank you Ann & Allan!
September covered - Thank You All!!!!!!
£30 into October???? October complete!
and £30 into November- thanks to The Cat's Whiskers!

You can Donate any amount via PayPal Donate Button top left corner of Blog Page 
and mark for Nappies 
Please help us to make a difference?

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