Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Warm Welcome in a Rongshui Home

One of the girls in our Education programme invited us to her home where she lives with her grandmother.
They had previously lived in one of the old wooden houses, but sadly it had burnt down and they had lost everything. The government had helped them to build a new brick house.

We were given such a warm welcome, and immediately our girl, washed cups and offered us water

                                                      Matthew had to have the first cup :-)
                                                       We just LOVED this beautiful lady!
When I admired her beautiful costume, and went to dig my own one out of the case, 
she was very impressed.
Mine was hand-embroidered in Rongshui years ago and given to me as a Gift. 
It is exquisite beyond words, all stitched by hand! 
This is no longer done here, and the ones worn here are machine produced, and still expensive! 
I think mine is beyond price?
Sadly mine is rather small for my frame, and I can't quite carry it off the way these lovely ladies do!

However this inspired her to take us upstairs and bring our the family collection of Miao jackets and headdresses. 
We had fun trying them all on and posing. 
This lady was delighted!
And very proud!

 There was very little in this house, but as you can see the rail had only traditional Miao clothes which I guess have been handed down over the years. 
After we were finished every item was carefully put back in its own special place.

                                        Amazing ladies from Rongshui, Pingguo and Cenxi all in Guangxi

                                        And Goodbye from our Rongshui Friends......
                                                   Another special moment!

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