Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gifts of make a Difference

This time of year is often so difficult...........

In a world where so many have so little, 
and too many have too much
..and at a time of year which should be focused on true giving, 
   Hope4China'sChildren are offering Alternative Gifts.

Here are some of the areas of need where you can donate, make a difference and receive a Card or Certificate to give as an alternative gift.....

1.Our Special Needs Children 
are all growing and need new, warm clothes for the winter. Many of them have limited mobility and all live in homes where there is no adequate heating in the cold months.
Donations from £10 could keep a special child warm this winter.

2.Foster mothers 
also have difficulty keeping the older children dry in the Winter months.
They LOVE to have Pampers nappies for the winter to keep them dry.
Donations from £10 can provide Pampers for a month for a child.

3.Jack from Jinchengjiang 
needs help to continue his specialist care with Helping Hands. There has been such a dramatic improvement in his little life with this care.
Any donation from £10 can help towards this care.

4.Two little girls in Guangxi 
born with cerebral palsy, have brave mothers, who refused to give in to pressure from family and villagers to abandon their babies. These women need our help and support to be able to attend Angel House where their babies receive therapy, they receive training and support, and above all they have HOPE for the future for their babies. It costs £150 a month for each mother to attend Angel House, and they need help with living costs, transport etc.
Any donation from £10 can help towards these costs.

5.Our Guangxi Girls
also have a difficult time over the winter months. This year  friends in Shanghai are preparing warm jackets and gifts for each of our girls and Hope4China are arranging to have them all personally delivered by our staff before Christmas.
Donations of £10 will help to make this possible.

             Please consider sending a Donation from £10/$15 
to help in any of these areas.

You can pay by Paypal here
or send a cheque to
38 Garvock Hill
KY12 7UU

               If you email and let us know:-

1.Which area you would like your donation to help.
2. Who the Gift is for and from
3. Your address.

We will send you a specially prepared 
Donation Card or Certificate
with a Photo of the Children/area  you will be helping 
in a Gift Box 
to give as a Gift of Hope this Christmas.

Thank you so much for helping to bring HOPE at this time!

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