Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can you help our Jinchengjiang Jack??????

Jack( also known as Gregory at Helping Hands, Guilin) really enjoys a new game where he holds onto the Carers legs and gets walked along for a short distance.  He never misses a joke or some fun that is going on, despite his deafness.  He always has a happy greeting and smile whenever you come to the Unit.  He really loves to play with the toy cars, zooming them around the floor and playing imaginary games with them.  He does puzzles extremely well and can build all sorts of buildings with blocks, coming up with new designs and being very inventive.

His good buddy Colton is getting ready to leave soon for his adoption.  We are preparing him too, as we expect that this will be a big transition time for Gregory, as they have been close.  The good thing is that there are other boys his age in the Unit – so he won’t be the only one his age.

Gregory recently went out to get a haircut with Colton and Zac.   As soon as he saw our van , he started making excited noises.  As his hair was being cut, he wanted to keep looking to see what the hairdresser was doing.

The BIG news for Jack this past month, was that he was able to hear some sounds with the aid of a pocket amplifier!   We had advice from an Audiologist who also donated a device for him to use.  This device is better than hearing aids as it doesn’t need the constant fitting and adjusting.

We had very good friends here at the time – one of whom is also deaf and the mother of 2 deaf children.  She removed her aids, tested it out, and was absolutely amazed at how well it worked.  We sat him on her lap and put the headphones on.  He immediately started  looking around, we knew by the expression on his face that he was hearing.  We handed him a phone with music playing, so he could also feel the vibrations.  The connection was made!  Then it only took him about 30 seconds to figure out how to change the music on the phone!
We have to use this device for short periods each day, so he gets used to the sounds he is hearing and isn’t overwhelmed by them.  It will be interesting to see him begin to make other connections as he gets used to it.

He is always interested in maintenance or other different things that happen around the Unit.  He’s always close by in case he can lend a hand!  He loved the outing to KFC this month.  Most of the children were very worried about the new experience and needed lots of reassurance – not Zheng Bingy – he was off to the bus with no extra encouragement, and no tears as there was with some of the others.  His new love – Fried chicken, fries and coke!

It is so fantastic to read of the progress this amazing little man is making and the wonderful work done by Helping Hands in Guilin!!!

We just need some more helping hands to continue to pay for his treatment.......

A Wonderful Alternative Gift for this Christmas?

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