Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love, Cuddles and Therapy at Nanning Dairy Farm

Oh,  this takes me back....

We have only just returned from our 2011 trip to China..but cannot begin to share our news til we have completed the news from 2010!

Is it truly a sign of age when the years just go too fast???????

So, back to October 2010.............

Was it really one year ago when Shawn and Helen sat in the Majestic chatting about the needs of the special children we were about to meet?

 Then off to the Dairy farm in Nanning which has been home to hundreds of children adopted around the world. When Foster care began from Nanning SWI , the first foster mothers were from this area and there has been a long tradition of foster families living here caring for the Nanning children.
 I was really excited to be able to go and visit!

Walking into  the first home we were met with the excited smiles and giggles of our precious Linda!

                                                           She is such a bundle of delight.......
                              and it is always such a joy to see how she is progressing.............
This little girl's progress symbolises the vision and hope of both Grace-Hope and our New Hope Programme to change lives! 
Without this vision and the faithful support from sponsors, this little girl and many more like her would be left languishing in an orphanage cot.

Our team of happy helpers sprang into action, preparing the ground outside for our therapy session with the children and their dedicated foster mothers.

Everything ready, Shawn can begin encouraging the foster mothers who have taken on this demanding and important job of caring for these precious children with profound needs.
She explains thro Helen the importance of touch in building attachment with the children
and the therapy exercises to increase and strengthen muscle control.

                                 A very "hands on experience" for the children and foster mothers.

It is always fascinating to watch how a Team works.

Amazing to watch Shawn in action, gently watching, explaining, showing how to make a difference in these little lives.

 Once the rest of our little team had helped to greet the children and set up the equipment, 
they got about their own business round the corner with Ellen and their crafts

                    So delightful to see the happy little faces, surrounded by love in this place

          Once the hard work was over, it was time to share the new clothes and toys with the children

                                     Linda is excited with her new toys and as ever, keen to learn,
                                                      loving the interaction with new people

All too soon.after a wonderful morning 
it was time to say goodbye to these precious people......
                                     ........ who do the real hard work day by day caring for the children.
The reality of carrying these now heavy children into wheelchairs, 
up and down stairs
 and making their way around as best they can,
 is not easy!
These families are the unsung heroes, making the difference in these little lives

            Armed with smiles,toys, clothes, pampers nappies, therapies, advice, encouragement and support

                                                     the families made their way home......

Time for a quick look round the Dairy Farm, greeting friends and capturing the flavour of this place where so many Nanning children have been cared for over the years by a community of wonderful families

All of us left amazed and humbled by the experience, privileged to be in that place, 
to be little cogs in the wheels that make a difference, 
remembering that the daily hard work goes on for these families!
It certainly helps to keep life in perspective!!!!!!

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