Thursday, October 27, 2011

Angels and Angel House

Towards the end of last October's trip, we were privileged to be able to meet with more angels.......

We were invited to eat at the lovely home of a wonderful couple who care for 3 children with profound special needs. They are a retired couple who have devoted their lives to caring for these children. The meal was amazing, but nothing compared to the work they do each day to give these children the best life possible. Despite living upstairs, most days they carry the children downstairs to take them for a cycle in an old bike with a  cart attached.

I would have so LOVED to take a photo of that!

                     The children were bright, attentive and VERY interested in their new toys

.....and the foster mother was very interested in Shawn's therapy techniques to help the children.
                                          It was a beautiful visit in more ways than one
                                            we left feeling that WE had been blessed!
                           On to meet more Angels in the aptly named Angel House in Nanning
 Angel House 
is an amazing place to serve the needs of children with cerebral palsy. Their work was pioneering back in 2002 and now provides an essential service to children and families in the community, helping them to care for their children in their homes, as well as for orphans.

We are grateful to them for allowing us the time and the place to meet together with the rest of our special children and their foster mothers.
                               Patricia, one of our lovelies who has been with us since 2005 -
                               I love to see her with her now long hair in bows, looking girly :-)
                                                        Little Monique, having a wee rest
 Lee was having a hard time and as the therapists tried to carry out his therapy, he cried and it was clear that something was wrong..the poor boy was inconsolable. It was one of the most special and memorable points of the whole trip for me, when Shawn, having watched and listened patiently came over asked the therapist to stop and took Lee on her lap.

                                    She said nothing and just held him tight, singing softly.........
         We watched, mesmerised as this little soul sighed and melted into her arms and embrace.
                              Shawn continued to sing, and Lee fell into a relaxed sleep

 When he awoke a short time later, refreshed, Shawn diagnosed a problem with his left hip 
and asked that therapy NOT be done on that side until further investigation. 
She then continued the therapy on the other side which he accepted without a murmur.

Poor Lee still has multiple needs and problems...
but it was special to be watch Shawn help him in that moment.

Helen continued, learning from Shawn how to work with the children, 
explaining to the Foster mothers how they could best help their children at home.

                                          A Fantastic Afternoon with some Very Special Angels

 However, our hearts nearly broke watching these valiant women, 
helping each other to lift heavy children onto their backs

                                                                        and their fronts
 in order to be able to navigate the stairs and the transport needed to get them back to their homes

                                                    We watched in humble amazement,
                         tears rolling down our cheeks at the thought of the hardships of their lives
                                      and yet their joy, love and commitment to these children.
Sometimes there are just no words....... just have to be there.

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