Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jack is Walking!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      Jack from Jinchengjiang

Jack has a walker!!!! It arrived safe and sound in late December, and Jack hasn’t looked back since receiving it. He uses it right throughout the day and enjoys the freedom it gives him. As Jack wears AFO’s with very built up soles, it’s impossible to get shoes to fit. This isn’t a problem in summer, but winter is a different story. Fortunately we had a large pair of knitted booties with a fluffy lining which fitted over perfectly!

Jack’s use of signs is increasing all the time. If he has a consequence for bad behavior, he will question the Carer with signs, making sure he knows why. He uses thank you all the time to acknowledge things done for him and will carry out instructions when they are signed to him. He has a very clear sense of right and wrong and will expect and wait for an apology, if someone has done something to upset him. He is noticing the needs of others around him a lot more now too.

His skills are improving all the time and he always notices the small interesting details or things out of place around the Unit. He loves to play with playdoh, and is getting very good at colouring in during the Activity time. He is learning how to brush his hair, but has already learned how to get off the toilet by himself and to pull up his own trousers, helping with dressing. He can now build really nice looking buildings with the wooden blocks. When he’s finished, he’s proud of the result and will pat a Carer on the back to make sure they have noticed.

This report comes from Helping Hands Volunteer Association in Guilin.
I cannot believe what a wonderful change in this frightened little boy who was in so much pain.

                                                                      A HUGE
Thank You
to Hope4China friends and sponsors
and AFAC in Spain
who together have made this possible!!!!!!!!!

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