Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The little things in life.........

Some little things we just take for granted..........

After a crazy run round a wholesale market to buy things needed for our special children I stopped to ask Helen if there was anything else in particular we could take for the foster mothers that would make their lives easier.

Her answer was very simple - PAMPERS!

 So we shopped China style, took our van straight to the nappy street
 (Ok, diapers for you Americans ;-), asked for several large packs of XL Pampers.
                         They were instantly collected from the store & motorbiked to our van with a smile :-)
                                                             even hand delivered......
                                               Now, that's what I call service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However on a serious note, I was astonished at how expensive they were, more expensive than at home!!!
Helen explained that the foster mothers would be delighted, as it is so hard to care for the toilet needs of our older special children without good nappies...and they just can't afford to buy them.
As we are now in Winter and the homes where these children live will be cold, it is just awful to think of them being cold and wet without proper nappies. The foster mamas even economise by placing cheap nappies inside their precious Pampers ( removed after soiling) to prolong their life and keep their children comfortable and dry for longer!!!!!!!

So after a chat with Helen this week we decided that we would try to fund £50 a month to provide Pampers for each child in our New Hope programme.

I always worry when we make these decisions , thinking of how we can afford it?
I really don't know why??????

This morning I opened an envelope from a lovely friend with a cheque for £50 for Hope4China.
First month of Pampers for our children!!!!!!!!
Thanks Elaine
You are an answer to prayer :-)

Now to the rest of the prayer...we have 11 more months to cover for 2011 to keep these special children dry and warm.......

Please if you are able, make a donation large or small to our Pampers Fund using the Paypal Button at the top of the page to keep our special children warm and dry, especially over the cold winter months.

Thank you if you can help...please feel free to share :-)

Thank you !!!!!!
In 12 hours we received all the money we need for nappies for the year!!!!!!!
Thanks just does not seem enough...speechless xxx

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