Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celebrations........Teddy Bears Picnic...........Desheng

        After our inspirational Hopes and Dreams with the girls, it was time for the Teddy Bear's Picnic...

If you go down to Desheng today,

You're sure of a big surprise.

If you go down to Desheng today,

You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was

Will gather there for certain because

Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their Picnic.

...and the girls all settled around our Parachute ( Picnic Table :-), wondering what on earth we were up to.....

 Our rendition of the song was not too brilliant.....,
and we had to explain what a picnic was........
but they soon got the idea...
and finally
all the Teddy Bears sent from fantastic sponsors around the world,
 special ones gifted from Build-a Bear, Glasgow and Edinburgh,
and some extras bought in China.....

                                                               lovingly Arranged,


        Squished ....

                                        ....were given out to our special Guangxi Girls at last!!!!!

                ( Thanks to Andrea and girls for giving out Teddies, and Papparrazzi Manna behind the camera:-), Ellen and Shawn for keeping everything (wee ones) going, Karl and Ossi for doing what the men do best :-)

It was, as always, a great relief to know that each girl had her Teddy Bear..and that no-one was missed out!!

Then the fun started as they rushed to choose outfits for their Teddy Bears...some things are just wonderful to experience, and to see these young girls, and not so young girls, rushing to dress their special Teddies in all the outfits lovingly provided by so many...........was just so heartwarming!

Wish you could have seen it :-)

Some girls found some very strange things.......

                                                                  ...how to explain....:-)

 It was also amazing to see that no-one would put their Teddy down..
they were held and cuddled for the rest of our time together.
Truly wonderful!!!!!!

In fact, I have already received so many letters back from the girls
talking about how special these Teddies are to them............

"Before I go to bed, I will hold my bear toy in my arm and think. Mr.Xu had asked me whether I hold my bear toy to cry when I am unhappy. I said I would not. I put it on my bed, when I see it I will think about you and be happy. "

"The winter is coming. I dressed my Tippy(The little bear you give me ) with as much clothes as me. Please keep you warm all the time."

I love how they all have names too!!!!!!

It is, as always,  the simple things which mean so much.......

Each year since 2005 we have celebrated our Birthdays together as we know that many of the girls do not have these celebrations. Each year there is the same excitement as the older girls arrange the candles and organise the cutting and sharing.
It is always so wonderful to hear them singing Happy Birthday in Chinese and English as we celebrate together

( Our Desheng girls seemed to have lots of fun together with lollipops and teddies)

                     All too soon, it was that time - the Photoshoot - to record the event for 2010

                                  and then the tearful part, as we all say goodbye for another year.....
It was a wonderul Teddy Bear's Picnic and Birthday party
celebrating the Hopes and Dreams of some pretty special girls,
 made possible by some amazing sponsors!

( especially the the ones who came all the way to visit!)

and of course our amazing friend who makes it ALL possible!!!!!!

We are looking forward to next year already :-)

Linda, Manna, Andrea, Ellen and Shawn

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