Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thanks to Sarah for her Marathon Efforts for China's Children

A wee note from Sarah's Just Giving Page from last month.......

"I'm running the Edinburgh 10K for the second time (last time 4 years ago) and hoping to run it a little bit faster this time!
A good friend of mine, Linda, set up a charity a few years ago called Hope4China. She and her husband (+ 3 teenage children) have adopted 2 little girls from China and now raise money to support children in China in foster care and those whose families cannot afford to pay for their education.
Of their 2 Chinese daughters, Eilidh Fu Yi is at school with Olivia and they are great friends, and Siona Rui Rui is her lovely little sister! Coincidentally, this year Linda also started teaching at Buckhaven High School!

Had a great time today in the run-up to the race and got off to a good start going uphill round Arthur's Seat. At about 4K I started to feel quite weak and realised a small bowl of cereal had obviously not been enough this morning! The thought of not finishing within the hour kept me going and I crossed the line with a final push at 59 min 57 sec (beating my last time of 66 mins)!

Please take some time to have a look at the Hope4China website  and please donate what you can to this very worthwhile charity.

Thank you so much
Sarah xx
who raised £308.87
to help China'sChildren

This will make such a difference to the girls who need support at school!!!!!!

Xie Xie Sarah xxx

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