Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moon Festival Book - Ten Blazing Suns

Finding a well told Moon Festival story is difficult, especially one designed to capture the attention of everyone from toddlers to adults.

                          A team of Hope4China volunteers decided to change that.

With the help of two language experts and 12 illustrators we have created material for a truly unique bilingual book. The team has crossed age and race barriers. Our Illustrators are aged between 13 and 83. They come from families who have adopted from China, Chinese community in the UK and Hope4China friends here in the UK and in China.

                   Have a peep at the work; they are a magnificent bunch of very skilled people.

But Hou Yi’s wife, Chang E, was curious, and found the pill by following a beam of light. She swallowed the pill, and, to her surprise, floated into the air!


There is also some more wonderful art work from Mo Wuming, who created our Wang Wang

To raise funds for Hope4China we need sales, many sales before we know it is viable to print our effort. ‘Ten Blazing Suns’ is priced at £5.99/ $9, which is a bargain for a bilingual book.

With PP

1 book £6.90

2 books £12.80

3 books £19.10

4 books £24 PP FREE

5 books £31.60

6 books £35.50 PP FREE + discount

Add 74p to any price for recorded delivery.

Book to

Europe £7.50/ 9 Euros

Rest of the world £8.20/ $12

If you would like to stock up for Christmas presents, travel reunion gifts, birthday presents, please pre-order now by emailing . No need to send money now. We will let you know when printing goes should take 4 weeks.
Thank you for helping us to make a difference
Pauliina and Hope4China Volunteers

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