Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Qianhe School, Desheng

We drove out of Desheng town, through the mist and the hills into the remote area of Qianhe where several of the girls have been supported by GGEF. It brought back poignant memories of the last time we visited .....( see 2006 entry)

There before us was the school we had helped to finance...and now things had improved even more as the government had provided another building for the children.

It was certainly a lot quieter than our last visit.

It was good to see the old plaque again thanking Hope4China, Desheng families &Portree High School who had all helped to raise the money to build the school.

It was great to enter the clasroooms and see bright , attentive pupils excited to see their visitors.

The teacher was bright & animated, and after some introduction it was good to see the pupils break into groups for some activities & shared learning experiences.

Then it was time for some introduction from their visitors where Cindy shared some information about Katelyn's Primary school in the US.

Having received lovely letters from US pupils, the Chinese pupils were excited to write their own replies in Chinese. They also drew some wonderful pictures to take home to the US class.

It was so sad to say goodbye to them...but we drove thro the remote roads to some local homes.

                            ...... where they were working with silk -worms.
It was fascinating to see all the varying stages of the work!

                               And the locals of varying ages seemed quite fascinated to be seeing us :-)

I just love the character etched on the faces of these women who have lived thro some troubled times. They do remind me of some of the Highland faces of women who have battled against poverty all their lives.

Soon we were driving back to Desheng Town, where we would meet another Desheng class and our special Desheng girls!

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Sarah said...

They were lovely pictures Linda,well done!x