Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Desheng Days- Desheng Primary School - Links with Scotland

It was as exciting as ever to draw up outside the
familiar gates of the primary school in Desheng town. It is just a little down from the SWI, and is of course the school many of our children would have attended had they remained in China.
My heart always jumps just a little.........

Desheng Nongxian Primary School -
I am loving beginning to recognise some of the characters at last -
 with the second last character meaning little, xiao ie Primary
I LOVED this noticeboard as we entered the school & thought it looked so cute....until I asked Matthew what it meant...
Instructions for prevention of spread of swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, it looked nice :-)

It was great fun to walk up the driveway to the school & see the children playing, excited to see their visitors. We did have a few shots at basketball with them...but they just laughed at our attempts.

Soon the bell rang & the children were all back in the classrooms.
We visited a very lively class of 11 & 12 year olds - around 50 in the class!!!!!

It was easy for them to show me China on the globe...

........but we had a bit more difficulty trying to locate Scotland :-)
It was fun to try &a explain a little about Scotland, and Eilidh's Primary school there. Real Global Citizenship! We handed out photos & info from each member of Eilidh's class & friends. There was great excitement as the kids all looked at the photos & the English writing.

Then Matthew explained how they were to reply to their Scottish friends at Commercial Primary School
And so we took home 50 cards from the Chinese pupils to match up with the photos when we got back & give to each Scottish pupil (that will be another story - when I get all the permissions in)
It took quite some organising but eventually  the pupils in 2 classes at Commercial Primary had a card from their Chinese friends!
There was GREAT excitement as they looked throught the Photoshow I made for them and they pointed out "their friend".And real excitement at reading  & trying to pronounce their new friends names :-)
 Now the photos will wing their way back to the class in China and we will see where this goes.......
Active learning across the Globe :-)

Some tartan pencils from Scotland to share....
and we were on our way,
........waving goodbye to our Desheng friends...til next year!!!!!!!

Next stop, the Party for all our GGEF Desheng girls:-)))

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