Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Work Begins...

It was a beautiful sunny day in Yizhou City and we were ready to do what we came to! Soon, a van came to get us to bring us to the Yizhou SWI where we would be meeting the foster kids. The door opened, and there before us were some foster moms and kids who would be driving with us!!

We drove through the streets of Yizhou City and soon we approached the gate of the orphanage

There were lots of smiles

Older kids helped younger ones...

The faces just melted into our hearts

Both young and old were there...

Soon Peter began to organize the games

And Iain encouraged the elderly residents to come play games too

A sweet new life was there for us to hold and love

We tended to those who needed help and offered lots of hugs...

We watched in awe as kids were kids of all ages

New friends were made...

and everyone played

The afternoon flew by and soon it was close to dinner...

At the Chinese version of Kentucky Fried Chicken!!

Outside we had balloons, and one last photo before saying goodbye...with more work to come!!

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Shawnstribe said...

so wish we were there with you!!!!!
Prayers and hugs