Thursday, November 12, 2009

Desheng Foster Mums...... Old friends........

It was fantastic to arrive at the restaurant in Yizhou (Yizhou City is about 30 mins from Desheng & where many of the Desheng foster mums live) and be greeted by old friends:-). We have been meeting with some of these fantastic ladies since 2005 and followed them as they have cared so well for so many of our precious Desheng children, sharing their pride and happiness ( and sometimes their concerns) over their children. We have also shared their joy, tinged with sadness, when the children they have cared for, find their own families. It is a privilege to be able to help connect them with the children in their new families around the world.

In fact I am not sure that they are excited to see US when we arrive....more the photos & letters we may be carrying from the children in ther new families!!!!!!!! :-)

Mr Yao, the SWI Director and one of our oldest & dearest foster mums were both there to welcome us as we stepped off the bus.

It was so good to see them again !!!!!

We walked into a see of smiling faces & happy children. It was so good to see the children again...some were old friends, like our Megan who was one of the first children in our Foster care programme in 2005, some we had read about in the Foster Care reports, some of the older ones whose progress we have ben closely following and some we were meeting for the first time. It was hard to concentrate on the food...but it was delicious so we managed, for a wee while :-)

During the meal, we moved around taking lots of photos, chatting with foster mums and passing on messages, photos & gifts from families all around the world.

Very special!!!!!! Much happiness!!!!!!

A cheeky wee face - enjoying Peek-a-boo

too much for this little one.......but determined not to miss too much fun?

Eating on the go.......

Bubble fun for everyone :-)

Time for some more food........
and a lovely tender moment between Desheng Sisters......

two more special Desheng sisters.......

Robert was really excited because he had some lovely gifts from his sponsors....
and he had made gifts for each of the girls here.

The sharing was so special & he was sooo excited about it.

Towards the end, The Grace-Hope staff arranged a game of "Pass the Fluffy Pencil" where all the foster mamas & us...had to pass the pencil round til the song stopped.
Whoever was holding the pencil had to say 2 things about our children's recent achievements.

Were these foster mamas proud of their children, or what??????

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye....til next year........

These Foster Mamas & Babas do such a wonderful job!
Without them, these precious children would be lying in a cot
without the love, care & attention they need to thrive.

It is so important to meet with these Mamas &
show how much we value all that they do for the children.

Of course without the sponsors who donate so faithfully each month
this love would not be possible.........

Without the vision of Xiao Xiao & Grace-Hope, this care would not be possible...

So we were honoured to be a small part in the Celebrations which make all of this possible for the children who could so easily be OUR sons & daughters
Thank you so much to all Desheng Sponsors
( and of course all our other sponsors........:-)

Xie Xie to ALL who make these changes possible,

Linda & Cindy


Jeanne M. said...

I was so happy to see Emmie's foster mom attended the festivities. As usually, she has a little one with her. God bless her!

And as always, to Cindy and Linda, my appreciation for all you do is endless. Your efforts provide a connection to our child's roots that we would otherwise never know.

Thanks ladies!
Jeanne Moore

Shawnstribe said...

Linda what an awesome time, it just makes me wanna go back!!!!
thank you again

Aus said...

Great stuff Linda - just making me more anxious to get back to China....any day now hope to hear from USCIS that the 'cable' has been sent!

hugs - aus and co.