Friday, October 02, 2009

Love in Suitcases

It has been amazing for both Cindy & I over the last few weeks to open our Inbox, & receive post each day which has been filled with amazing messages, photos, donations & gifts of Love to take with us to China :-)

I have a whole suitcase filled with medicines donated by St Margaret's Church, Dunfermline to go to orphanages who cannot supply these basics for the children in their care.

We have blankets, scarves, cardigans, toothbrushes, baby hats.......

We have T-shirts for our precious Desheng GGEF girls with photos from their sponsors.

We have soft toys, crafts & activities, balloons, face paints for so many different children in Orphanages, Foster care & Rural Villages.
We have "neon" gifts for our Nanning girls, with bracelets hand-made by Buckhaven High School pupils & gifts donated by friends. Bracelets made by Cindy's daughter's after school class.

Baby quilts, Photo albums, gifts to Nannies, updates to Orphanages, photos to Foster families, photos from Waiting families to their new child and so much more.........

Requests from families to find our more about their child's beginnings.......
Photos & info from both our daughters' classes to share with Desheng schoolchildren to build up common links of Global Citizenship.
Lanterns, medicines & gifts from Rainbows in Dunfermline to girls in Desheng

So much love contained within our 8 is hard to describe & put into words......

We just cannot wait to get there and share all this precious cargo in these special places in China!

Thank you so much to all around the world who have contributed in so many different ways and helped to make all this possible - our trip would be NOTHING without you ALL!!!!!!!!
We know you will be with us in spirit:-)

We ARE a great worldwide TEAM!!!!!!!!!

Xie Xie

Linda & Cindy

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Nina said...

It's very exciting to read these posts!!
Thank you my friends for sharing all that with us!

Besos y abrazos,