Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Patricia

This was our Patricia from Yongning when we met her in 2006. We first heard about her in 2004 when she was discovered in an orphanage where her special needs just could not be met. She has cerebral palsy and is blind. She cannot communicate her needs. Our friend in China worked very hard to find a loving foster family who could meet her needs, and we managed to find a wonderful sponsor who could help to pay to have her needs met.

She has been struggling for so long... we have tied acupuncture & other therapies but her condition has not much improved.

However she knows she is loved!!!!!!

And she lives within a community who recognise her and value her. We hope to be able to meet more of her needs in the future as Hope4China expands into meeting the needs of our special children.

We have met with her on each trip back to China and her sponsor has been faithful in supporting her. It is wonderful to see her smile & giggle when we communicate with her.

In the last few days we have been able to provide her with a wheelchair which will enable her and her amazing foster mother to get out & about more easily.

We were so excited to see these photos yesterday!!!!!
We are looking forward to be meeting her in a few weeks and hope that Cindy will be able to suggest other ways of improving her little life - making that seat a liitle more comfortable :-).
She is a precious soul...and we are so thankful that we are able to do something to improve her life.
In our coming trip and over the coming years we aim to be working together as a Team to provide not only Foster care & Education for our children in China, but a also a greater emphasis on meeting the special needs of many of the children there.

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