Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something for Nothing

I just got a lovely wee donation for Hope4China of £3.69 for NOTHING from Everyclick!

And I thought that maybe TOGETHER we could get a lot more for NOTHING?
If you use as your Search engine instead of Google for example, every time you click, money is donated to Hope4China. When you use it you are asked to choose your charity - Hope4China is registered with them - so every time you click Hope4China gains:-)
Every little helps:-)

Everyclick is a search engine with a difference: it makes a difference. Working just like any other search engine, Everyclick enables its users to raise funds for their favourite charity from over 170000 UK charities. To date, Everyclick has generated thousands of pounds every week for charity by its users searching the web. There are no sign-up fees or up-front charges; its free to both the charity and the user. The money raised for charities comes from advertising placed on the site. Everyclick also has an option allowing people to donate directly to their favourite charity.
Please note: donations made via Everyclick will be listed as anonymous, if you need further details on a donation please contact

Actually, since I started working on it, it has risen to £4.40 and we only have 7 new users !!!!!!
Just think how much we could raise if ALL our visitors used this regularily?????
Please use & pass to your friends...

Let's see if the income generated can support a child in Foster Care this month?

There is such a thing as a free lunch:-)

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