Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Beautiful Letter from China

"Hello my dearest friends,
There are so many words to say but we have so little time to talk when we meet,
so I must write this letter to tell my heart.

You have dragged us up from the whirpool of difficulty
You have changed our faces from distressed to happy
You light the Guiding Star in front of us
You spray down the colours of the rainbow on our growing road……

Your help for us, it’s not only financial, but also spiritual.
Your loving heart and great love touch us.
Words can not express our gratitude.

Friends, my dearest friends, you love us so much, too much
and we can’t help loving you.

I still remember our Camp on May 1st this year.

The theme of our camp was “Life in Abundance”.
I couldn’t fully understand what it meant.
I only heard that it’s about love, and I did feel the Love.

Look, the sisters coming from poverty, they are laughing. It’s Love!
Look, under the same blue sky and on the same grassland, we are playing games. It’s Love!
Look, we are sitting around the table and enjoying our food. It’s Love!
Look, surrounding the campfire and on the ocean bank, we are singing and dancing. It’s Love!
Look, in the dim light, whispers floating out from the tents. It’s Love!

Oh, too many and too much, it all comes from your great Love.

We have different experiences,
but this camp makes us all feel the same.

We have the most pure and sincere friendship between us. Each of us has a holy spirit. We have our dream and we are chasing it. I believe each individual has his unique and lofty ideas and belief. In this group, there are all kinds of people. I’m so happy to have such a group of friends.

Although there is a shadow behind us, we will work hard silently and smile firmly.
You are our Companions.

There is an invisible thread leading us to go forward together.

Well, endless words. Here I wish happiness accompany us each and everyday!

Best wishes,

Zhang Zhang"

This letter is one which has touched me & remained in my heart since I read it in 2006. It shows the importance of relationships between some amazing girls in China & some equally amazing Hope4China sponsors.
I am so proud to be a part of it :-)

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