Monday, July 20, 2015

When is a Bag, NOT a Bag???

Forget the Bag.......

The destitute in Beijing struggle to survive
One of the things they try is selling maps to tourists....

So, first. let's buy lots of maps from the sellers, helping them to make a living - Yes?

Single women in China, who have a child, struggle to survive....
The odds are stacked against them from the start, and many are forced to abandon the baby as they have no means to provide care for them.

So, let's support people on the ground trying to help, support them and keep their precious child? Yes?

Would you like to buy a Bag? 
With ALL the proceeds going to help make this possible? YES?
Then check out below.....

Different sizes of Bags, hand-made by the single women struggling to keep their babies, and have Hope for the future. Made from maps of Beijing, bought from the destitute in Beijing

1. Swimming Bag £35/$55
Excellent quality, fully waterproof , 2 separate compartments, strong handles, lots of room, easy to carry, magnetic fasteners. Come highly recommended by those already using them :-)
52 x32 cm

2. Office Bag £20/$32
Wonderful bag, just the right size for your I-pad, purse and phone. Fully lined, 2 compartments, magnetic fastener, easy , strong handles.
30 x 30 cm

3. Smaller bag, one compartment, magnetic fasteners  £12/$20
 good size for Kids, but suitable for all
24 x 22 cm

4. Shopper £25/$40
Excellent size and quality for shopping, 1 compartment for purse keys, magnetic fastener, durable, heavy straps. Stylish!
48 x 30 cm

Every bag is wonderful, useful, excellent quality
and stunning!

They are NOT Just BAGS?

They are a wonderful opportunity to give back
to make a difference
to bring Hope
to help change precious lives......

If you want to make a donation to help , please contact me at
We will send your bag and pay the postage( UK)!!!!!!

You can pay your Donation direct to Love Forever on the link below
( Donations are US tax deductible)


Thank you for looking, please join in, make a donation, share with your friends
and help us make a difference.

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