Sunday, July 15, 2012

Angels with Broken Wings

It is hard to describe how exhausting it is sometimes when we are just on a roll. 
Although it was last October, I can still remember the feeling of elation and exhaustion, 
having just finished our visit to Desheng SWI, connected with some very special people
..........and enjoyed a wee wander downtown Desheng.

Thankfully there was time for a short snooze on the bus on the way from Desheng back to Hechi...
which was just as well...........
 ...because as we stepped into the Hechi Hotel foyer we had special visitors waiting patiently for us!

                          Peter, from Grace-Hope introduced us to a very special young lady.
                                         She stood up in the foyer and just sang her heart out

The Hotel Foyer fell silent...
you could have heard a pin drop!
We were awestruck...
......even more so when we translated the words and heard her story......

You can hear her song here( sorry the video clip will not upload?)

"I am the Angel with broken wings...

I say I have invisible wings
You say I am wandering around in the dark

I say I have New Hope

You and I cheer each other up in our life together
I wish only that my life can be meaningful

So give yourself a cheer
Do not lose courage and strength
Give yourself a cheer

The sun will rise tomorrow
With Love there can be Miracles……….
With Love there can be Miracles....."

                Two of the other children in this place also need miracles...they have complex needs

                            They are in Foster care with Grace-Hope, sponsored by Hope4China,

Amazingly, this lady ( part of a government organisation meeting at the Hotel) 
stopped to join in with the children in the foyer..she was amazed to see the children with special needs, actively involved with "foreigners". 
It turned out that one of her nephews was autistic and she was interested to know he could be helped. 
Chinese society is changing!

We spent some time connecting with the children, Alison using different musical techniques to get their attention and help them focus. It was so meaningful and very worthwhile, but we wish we could have done more to help.
 This year we are hoping to enlist the help of a GP who specialises in ADHD who can visit the children in China and prescribe effective medication where necessary to help the children and their foster parents to cope better with some of the behaviour.

Hong told us that she wished she could listen to her own music, so we left money with Peter and he arranged to get her an MP3 player.......

                                                 She was in heaven, listening to her own music!

However just this week we have learned that her MP3 is broken as so many others in the orphanage were borrowing it. We are arranging to buy some more for Hong and her friends in our trip this October.
If anyone would like to help purchase more of these please let us know?

You can Donate on the Paypal button here and mark it for Hong- MP3 Players. 
we will acknowledge and send photos of the donations.

Even more importantly we are working with friends who work with blind children in Beijing 
to see if Hong could find a place there for her future...........

                        With Love there can be Miracles……….

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