Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nanning SWI Therapy

There has always been lots of fun and laughter at Nanning SWI when we have visited.
But this time, on our first visit to the brand new Therapy Centre we were bringing something special to add to the fun.

The Therapy Centre has been set up to meet the needs of the many children around Nanning with needs of varying kinds, mainly cerebral palsy, downs syndrome etc.
Children from the community as well as from the SWI, foster care and group homes come to the Centre for therapy as required.

It is a wonderful new building but much has has still to be added in terms of specialist equipment and staff training.
So on this day, the SWI staff were really excited to have Alison ( Lady A) along to share her many years of experience teaching music to children with learning difficulties and varying needs. 

On arriving at the Therapy Centre I was encouraged (and more than a little nervous ) to see that a lot of the staff and carers who work with the children on a daily basis had come along to learn how to use music to help the children communicate better.

Siona and Eilidh were very Happy Helpers setting out the instruments!

 Xiao Xiao very ably translated instructions for the staff and the children.
Five very eager little ones waiting to choose an instrument and get going!!
Music Therapy is very effective in developing turn taking and listening skills, just as well because these children had to show great restraint while  waiting to choose an instrument!!!!
Then out came the'Magic' Piano!
Who would have thought that when we found it in the 'Early Learning Centre' in Dunfermline

 (and received a lovely discount when the ELC staff knew where it was going)
that it would be possible to squeeze it into a suitcase, transfer between 3 flights and an overnight bus,
that it would bring such pleasure to these children.

It was a great success in helping children to overcome their self conciousness and step out confidently to make their own music.

             Some of the children took to it immediately, others needed a little this....

Music sessions are the ideal place for children who have limited language skills to express feelings and emotions.

There were lots of other songs and lots of fun still to be shared

It was really humbling to see how committed the carers were to helping their children participate 
and get the most out of the musical experiences
                                           'Swing up, swing down' song (sung in Madarin of course!!)

It was amazing to see such focus and concentration

                         These wee 'cuties' were sooooo focused and so musical in their responses.

But some definitely "got" the idea quicker than others!
( You have got to to watch this!!!)

'Zaijian, zaijian, zaijian ............

  It was sad to sing the goodbye song but we were happy to be leaving the "Magic Piano" for the children - the staff were so excited to have it to be able to use it regularly for the children
 ( and we were relieved not to have to pack it and bring it back on the plane(s)!!!!


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