Saturday, February 25, 2012

Urgent Help Needed for Yongning Children

STOP PRESS - Philip,Sam, Yarina and Sakina have new sponsors!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! But we have 2 friends still waiting........please share.....And now they have sponsors too!!!!!! Thank you ALL!

It is hard enough to have cerebral palsy, to be living in an orphanage.........

 but when life just got better and you were able to leave the orphanage and enjoy the love and care of a family, along with physical therapy and support,
how cruel to have to face the thought of having to leave that family and be returned to the orphanage?

Here is Philip - 
one of our New Hope Boys! 
He has cerebral Palsy and struggles with so much.He is with a fantastic foster family who provide so much love and care for him. Our Helen also visits him at home to provide therapy and support.
Sadly, Holt are no longer able to support the sponsorship  6  CP children in Yongning and we urgently need new sponsors to prevent them being returned the the orphanage!

Please visit Grace- Hope's Site here

$46 a month

or if you are in the UK contact us at  

£29 a month

to arrange sponsorship

Here are his 5 friends who also need sponsors
                                                                 DEBRA Still waiting......
                                                                      QUINLAN  Still waiting.......
                             I am so happy that my little world will not change- I have a Sponsor - Thank you!

                                                          SAM ( I have a Sponsor now :-)
YARINA - I have a sponsor too! I can stay with my family!!!!

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