Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bringing Quanzhou!!!

Matthew and his Staff, off to visit the girls in Quanzhou, near Guilin 
where many are waiting for him to bring Hope......

to make the difference between Hope for the future...and NO Hope...

                             paying school fees for High school, food/support fees for the younger girls,
                                     and with his staff, bringing emotional/spiritual support for girls
                                                          who feel they do not matter to society,
                                    and who struggle to get to school with all the associated costs.

This time the news reporters came to find out and share the difference this makes to the girls in Quanzhou, sponsored by families around the world who care and want to help bring Hope and make a difference in the lives of these girls

Great work Matthew & Team!!!!!!!!
Made possible by Fantastic Sponsors around the World

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