Monday, November 29, 2010

Da Mo Dolls

All of these dolls with their outfits are unique.
They are the very first ones to be produced, and while some may lack in expert finishing,
it is more than made up for in the uniqueness of each design and the quality of the Miao embroidery.
Each doll has been given the name of a girl living  in Da Mo,
 helped by sponsors around the world to go to school
and have hope for the future.

1. Tao Caichun( Sorry I've been taken)

                           2. Tao Caijie( I have a new home now)

3.Tao Xiuhui ( I'm taken)

4Tao Zhiwu ( I'm taken too)

5 Tao Meitun ( I'm taken too)

6 Tao Fengban ( I'm taken now)

7 Tao ZhiZhi( I'm gone now too)
8 Tao Xiucai

9 Tao Xiuwen ( I'm taken now too)
10 Tao Xiulan (sorry, I'm taken now)

For those who wish to purchase a doll please

1.Send payment either :-

Paypal Button on Blog ( US & Europe) $48 for one doll inc shipping
                                                              34 euros for one doll inc shipping
Send cheque to Hope4China (UK)  £27 for one doll inc pp

2. Choose your doll & let me know which one at

3. I will post as soon as payment is received.

Thanks for all the interest- think they will all be gone soon!!!!!
I can take orders for more..........

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