Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hope4China Day - June 1st

Hope4China Children’s Day
June 1st 2010

Ist June is Children's Day in China...
so it seemed a good idea to our Team here to celebrate
Hope4China's Children Day on June 1st!

Then we thought how wonderful it would be to have a Celebration around the World
 to celebrate all the children in our families
and those who still wait for their families........
and to raise lots of money to help those children in desparate need.

Hope4China Friends have a variety of events planned on or around June 1st .....
.......from a simple coffee morning with friends,
Pampered Chef evening,
Jewellery party
Sponsored Walk
School events etc......

Please feel free to have an event, big or small, wherever you are in the world and contact us if you would like more info /leaflets etc

If you are not able to arrange/participate in an event, PLEASE join us in sending off a Sky Lantern

(Practice one below :-)

Many friends in the UK and China already have their Lanterns,
but we would LOVE our friends around the world to share with us.
How many countries could we represent between us?

So, if you can, please spare £5/ $8 for a Sky Lantern as we are trying to have....

 The Biggest Round the World ‘Lantern Flight’
on/around June 1st!

We can either :- 
1.Send the Lantern to you for you to set off yourself
                                   2.We can attach a personal message to a Sky Lantern and set it off for you.
                                    3.Or of course you can just set off your own and make your donation here :-)

You can donate via
the Paypal Button on the left of the Blog page
and let us know which you prefer?   

Whichever way you choose we are encouraging everyone to get involved :-)
Please take photos and we can share after the event.
It would be such fun to see photos of Lanterns flying from China, UK, USA, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia ...
.......where else?????

Please join us, have some fun,
and make a BIG DIFFERENCE for the children in China

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