Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Guangxi Girl - Wang Wang

Having worked with the Guangxi Girls for over five years, we have always struggled between trying to explain how desparately poor and hard their lives are while at the same time conveying their dignity, hard work and beauty of spirit.

I don't know about you - but this picture does it for me?

What is even more special is that it was painted by one of our Guangxi Girls!!!!!!!!!!

The joy of her expression and pose are wonderful,
 the Firecrackers symbolising Celebration.
 the Lantern with the character for HOPE,

We are calling her Wang Wang...

...and she is now the face of the Hope4China's Guangxi Girls.

I hope that by using this symbolic picture we can convey, in a more meaningful way, the amazing spirit of the girls, at the same time as their desparate need for help to fulfil their potential.

We are so thankful to the many faithful sponsors around the world who have supported so many of the girls over the years, building meaningful relationships with them.

However, there is great NEED!

There are over 400 girls in the GGEF( ) Programme.
Hope4China is working in partnership with GGEF to support these girls.
Currently there are around 100 girls with no sponsors, and without support, they will simply not be able to continue at school.

For Hope4China sponsors in the UK and Europe, it costs from £6 a month to support one of the girls - please conatct for more details.

For GGEF Sponsors in the USA please contact for more details on payments.

Such a small amount can change life for a girl and her family forever...and it brings more joy to the sponsor to link with these wonderful girls in this way. I can honestly say that my girls feel like part of my family!
I am honoured to know them!
 I know they give me more than I could ever give them!

We would seriously LOVE to have many new sponsors to help our girls, but know that not everyone can make that committment.
If you would like to help in another way, or both :-), please read on.........

Wang Wang products for sale to send Hope to China
All profit goes directly to the girls.

As many of our girls have extra needs whether medical, family situations, extreme poverty etc, we need to raise extra finance to help meet these needs. Buckhaven High School students have been inspired by this concept and helped to prepare these products.We are now selling these fantastic products using the Wang Wang symbol to raise funds to meet the shortfall AND to raise awareness of how FANTASTIC the girls are.......
We hope you like them and would like to buy some knowing that 100% of the profits are going to help the girls.

Key-rings £1/$1.50

Mousemats £5/$7.50

Packs of 5 Blank cards with H4C details on back  £3/ $4.50

Framed prints( 8x6) - lovely for girls's bedroom wall   £4/ $6 each

Please contact  to place an order.
Payment via Paypal Button on this Blog or
Cheque to
38 Garvock Hill
KY12 7UU

The girl who drew these is so excited to know that the products are on sale, so that she can be responsible to help herself and her friends with the proceeds.
I will pay postage on all orders ( even to USA :-) please order lots and lots and send some Hope to our Guangxi Girls :-)
First come, first served!!!!!!!

XieXie    谢谢

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